Office furnishing in colourful design with Master Oak (oak imitation)

The natural choice for durable furniture

Have you ever wondered which material best suits your natural mindset and unique office design? Then take a look at Master Oak. Rawside, furniture manufacturer based in the UK, was deeply impressed by the natural look and durability of this decorative material. “Whether you are looking for lockers, desks or shelving, Master Oak offers the perfect match for anyone looking for a natural look and durability in one product”

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Kitchen cabinets in Master Master Oak panels with high stain resistance

Sustainable choice for your project

Moderna has been working with recycled materials wherever possible for some time now. In keeping with this principle, we used Master Oak in their design.

- Lieze Vergauwe, interior architect at AAVO Architects


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Scratch-resistant Master Oak panels used in cabinates and shelving

The perfect solution for intensly used areas

Huis van de Kappers turned to the interior architects at Fugazzi to create a new interior that exudes warmth and class. Real oak would not be an option for this hairdressing salon.

Designer Tom Vanwynsberghe found the ideal solution in Master Oak Natural, enabling him to create an authentic look. The melamine faced panels and HPL are more resistant to scratches and easier to maintain than veneer or solid oak, without compromising on aesthetics.

Make your own mind up. Did Fugazzi succeed in what they set out to achieve?

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Hotel interior with tables in HPL Master oak as a perfect alternative to oak

Budget-friendly alternative to real oak or veneer

Master Oak lent itself very well to this refurbishment project: excellent price/quality ratio, coupled with a luxurious look.

Jan-Felix Nédée, Operational Manager at Hotel Corsendonk


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Office furniture in Master Oak in melamine and HPL

Unlimited options and applications

Those visiting OTA Insight will see Master Oak making an appearance in various guises: as wall cladding, tabletops, cabinets and more.

Danny Ritzen from Meet n Greet: "These days I work almost exclusively with Master Oak when the customer wants something in oak. Why? Because most customers don't actually notice the difference when we place samples of real oak and Master Oak side by side."

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