We scanned a bunch of products! The unique appearance of our products is captured in various layers as gloss, depth and color at an accuracy below 1mm. We didn't stop there! We also provided plug-and-play materials for the widest range of 3D software packages and renderings.

For visualisations with 3DS Max, we provided material libraries for both the VRay and Corona renderer. There are also native material libraries for both Sketchup and Revit. Lastly, we've exported each material to a .vrscene file to use with VRay Standalone or any VRay renderer in any software package that includes an importer for .vrscene files.

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Sketchup - Native

Go to your material browser and click the menu on the top right. If you just want to add materials to your current scene, select 'Open an existing collection...' and select the .skm file from the digital materials archive you downloaded.

Alternatively, select 'Add collection to favorites' if you want to have these materials available to you in any new scene you create from now on!

Checkout the video 👉


3DS Max - VRay & Corona - Revit

To load a material library in 3DS Max: navigate to your material browser and select 'Open Material Library...'. Navigate to the material library you downloaded and select the file. Drag the material from the list onto the object you want to assign it to.

You can tweak the material before applying it, by dragging it into the workspace (Slate Material Editor) or a material editor slot (Compact Material Editor). 

💡 For Revit users: the files are optimized for high quality rendering using the Vray rendering engine in Revit. Check out the "how to" video 👉

Building Information Modelling - BIM

Unilin Panels offers architects, engineering firms and interior designers support for 3D modelling with BIM objects for digital elaboration of construction and interior projects with BIM & CAD software such as Revit, Autocad, Vectorworks or SketchUp.

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Design Clicwall with DWG files

At Unilin Panels, we use the DWG file format to design our Clicwall wall systems. This allows you to view accurate 2D or 3D visualizations of the systems, easily integrated into CAD software. This means you can plan and manufacture more efficiently, and you have more customization options. 

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