PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is a worldwide forest certification system which provides assurance that forests are managed sustainably. In concrete terms, PEFC promotes a forest management which is respectful of the environment, socially beneficial and economically viable. The PEFC label found on a paper or timber products gives consumers the assurance that the wood used in those products originates in sustainably managed forests.

The PEFC certification system is a safe and transparent tool designed to follow the timber flows from the forest to the consumer. Independent third-party certification bodies assess the respect of the PEFC standards, in the forests (Sustainable Forest management) as well as in the companies working the timber (from transport to sawing and transformation into a finished product).

Companies that process wood like us increasingly take into account an environmentally friendly and controlled origin of these products. Every company in the timber chain must have a certificate - called the Chain of Custody certificate - in order to be allowed to trade timber under the PEFC label.

An independent certifier visits every year to check that we are following the procedures correctly. When all links in the chain have been certified up to the end product, the end user has the certainty that the product comes from sustainably managed forests.

Our products are available with PEFC label. Download our PEFC certificate.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international non-profit organisation established in 1993 by forest owners, wood and paper companies, social movements and environmental organisations. The FSC also strives for sustainable forest management worldwide, according to strict social, ecological and economic criteria.

The FSC label guarantees a responsible origin from sustainably managed forests and/or recycling. Moreover, wood and derived products or other forest products that carry an FSC claim can only do so if the processing chain from forest to end product is also controlled in terms of traceability.

The strict requirements of the FSC label and its credibility are widely recognised. The FSC label is the only label of its kind supported by environmental organisations such as WWF and Greenpeace, as well as by social and economic actors. In terms of the number of companies actively involved in FSC certification, the FSC system is the largest in Belgium and worldwide.

Our products are available with FSC label. Download our FSC certificate.

Together we do more

However, the most important thing is the equivalence between PEFC and FSC: sustainable forest management and increasing the area of certified forest worldwide. When you choose for PEFC or FSC certified products, you consciously choose for sustainable forest management, so a responsible choice!

We at UNILIN Panels are very conscious with our basic raw material wood. We are committed to keeping wood in circulation for as long as possible before converting it into renewable energy. As a pioneer in the circular economy, UNILIN Panels invites construction and interior design professionals to help build a more sustainable future. We would like you to be part of a growing group of "conscious creators" with a preference for natural materials and a clear vision. Read more about our sustainable way of working.