Unilin chipboard is made from 95% recycled wood. We are also the only supplier capable of recycling MDF.


Do you expect a lot from manufacturers? Rightly so! At Unilin Panels, we are fully committed to the re-use of materials. How? By recycling wood and keeping it in circulation for as long as possible.

The result?

Unilin Master Oak Natural

Do you primarily want certainty? Numerous independent certificates such as PEFC, FSC and C2C guarantee the safety and sustainability of our products. In addition, we set ourselves ambitious goals to become climate neutral by 2050.


Circular thinking is essential.
We have been working on this since our start-up in 1960.


Why choose recycled materials?

Raw materials are becoming exhausted and the waste mountains are getting bigger. That’s the harsh reality. So what will become crucial? Switching to a circular economy. It’s all about recycling materials. This reduces the need for new or fossil raw materials. And by keeping wood in circulation for longer, you avoid CO2 emissions and thereby reduce your carbon footprint.

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Chipboard contains more than 90% recycled wood  


Do you need certificates and support in achieving them?

Do you come in contact with building certificates such as Leed, Breeam, Well, HQE, etc.? Then you know that support from suppliers is essential to obtaining your building certificates quickly and easily. Our Declarations of Conformity will help you do this! Does your project have specific requirements or the need for certificates such as PFC, FSC, Cradle2Cradle, AFSSET CARBII, etc.? There are a wide range of certified products to provide you with a solution.

These certificates will help you get started




“We want to set an example for the entire manufacturing industry.”

Veronique Hoflack – President Unilin Panels


Climate neutrality is our goal

Warming our planet is irreversible. Limiting it to 1.5°C is the target. We are therefore working hard to reduce our CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030 and our ultimate goal is to become even climate neutral in the long run. Not an obvious step, but a necessary one.

We want to achieve these ambitious goals

But how do you grow in a sustainable and responsible way? Innovation is the driving force behind this. We have developed a sustainability innovation framework: this is how sustainability is and remains the driving force behind all our innovations. The Unilin Group One Home vision is our guiding principle:

What does this mean ? Specific actions in these 3 domains:


Protecting the planet by gradually reducing our CO2 emissions to achieve climate neutrality and making the most of circularity.

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Ensure your living and working environments are healthy with independent certificates that guarantee the safety and sustainability of our products.

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Offering employees a pleasant working environment with a comprehensive welfare policy and a stimulating learning culture.

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Stronger Together: this is Unilin Group’s One Home vision


We are part of the Unilin Group, along with Unilin Flooring, Unilin Insulation, Unilin Technologies and Godfrey Hirst. Within Unilin Group, we exchange knowledge to learn from each other and achieve our sustainability goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Sustainability report 2022

In September, Unilin Group has published his very first sustainability report! The report describes our One Home sustainability strategy and elaborates on the initiatives that Unilin Group has taken for climate, circularity and energy on the one hand, and our living and working environment, our customers and our employees on the other.
Curious about Unilin Panels' initiatives to contribute to the sustainability strategy?

Read our sustainability report 2022 here