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  • Master Oak shines in Huis van de Kappers
Scrath-resistant worktops and shelving made of HPL Master Oak

Fine finish with Master Oak in Huis van de Kappers


Strengthening your brand through powerful interior design? Fugazzi completes this job effortlessly thanks to Master Oak! Architect Tom Vanwynsberghe had just learned about Master Oak and couldn't wait to work with it. "I still get thank-you messages from our client," Tom reflects on his successful first Master Oak experience.

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Perfect value for money

“To be honest, I was quite critical when I first heard about Master Oak,” Tom admits. "Better than the original? I wanted to see that. At the Architect@Work fair, the Master Oak stand was one of my first stops. And I soon had to admit that the difference between Master Oak and real oak is hardly noticeable."

"Not much later, the Huis van de Kappers turned to us for a new interior that breathes warmth and class. I immediately thought of Master Oak Natural. The samples also convinced our customers almost immediately, especially thanks to the high-quality wood look and feel. Master Oak is also extremely strong and more affordable than real oak. The price/performance ratio is very good."

Reception of a hairdressing salon with a complete wall in Master Oak wall cladding with oak effect

A high-quality look and feel, extremely strong yet affordable: the price-quality ratio of Master Oak is very good.

- Tom Vanwynsberghe, architect at Fugazzi

Kastwand met schappen uit Master Oak in HPL en melamine 

Unique in its kind

The fact that Master Oak is scratch-resistant was a decisive factor in the choice of architectural firm and customer. “The average veneer wood is actually unsuitable for hairdressing shops,” Tom explains. "The airborne hairs are razor sharp and destroy everything. By comparison, only all-ceramic tiles are strong enough to be used as a hairdresser’s flooring. The hairs can even ruthlessly lift a cast floor. Then you also need something scratch-resistant for the rest of the interior."

"The interior of a hairdresser’s shop must also be easy to clean. So real oak is not an option. Laminate (HPL) can handle this, but I never suggest it if a customer asks for wood. With Master Oak, there is finally a product that is both sturdy and feels like real wood. No other product comes anywhere near it. You don't feel like you’re dealing with laminate. The flawless finish with edging in the same colour completes this interior project - aesthetically and functionally."

No other product comes so close to real wood. You don't feel like you’re dealing with laminate.

- Tom Vanwynsberghe, architect at Fugazzi

Sustainable innovation

The fact that Master Oak is also a sustainable product, is fully in line with the vision of the Huis van de Kappers. “For example, the business only works with natural products,” says Tom. “So the natural look and origin of Master Oak is a perfect fit.”

Krasbestendige meubelpanelen die aanvoelen als echte eik

"Is our customer satisfied with the result? Hugely! I still get a thank you message from time to time. The Huis van de Kappers even regularly receives photographers from specialised media who want to put the project in the spotlight. As an architectural firm, we can't get better advertising."

The interior of a hairdressing shop should also be easy to clean. So real oak is not an option.

- Tom Vanwynsberghe, architect at Fugazzi

Tom hopes to work with Master Oak again soon. “We have just presented the material at a large car garage,” he says with great anticipation. "That’s where hard-wearing material is even more important than in a hairdressing store. The car brand is also fully committed to the transition to hybrid cars. With Master Oak, they would only reinforce this choice of sustainable innovation."

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