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Oak furniture panels (melamined MDF) in Master Oak in office furnishing

When visions come together: Master Oak and sustainability cross the channel


Sustainability is on the increase, but it is also a necessary ambition. Based on this vision, the London company Rawside was founded in 2014. A few years ago, the cabinetmakers discovered Unilin Panels and discovered a partner for their green ambitions. Alarmed that such a tactic only produces fluffy interiors? The fresh designs and colourful projects of Rawside, which use Master Oak prove that sustainable business can be oh-so stylish.

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A sustainable love story

In the 9 years that Rawside has been operating, the business has grown from a small workshop into a fully-fledged production site that is no less than 10 times larger. This means not only the ability to operate at higher volumes, but also the ability to stock multiple materials. Place taken by the Unilin Panels decors. After all, Londoners have had a new crush for some time now.


Master Oak is so much more cost-effective than solid wood, and its look and feel convince you that you’re working with real oak.

- Molly Bray, Digital & B2C manager at Rawside

“In the past we refused to use melamine faced panels and did all our woodworking in plywood,” says Rawsides Digital & B2C manager Molly Bray. "But because of the high demand from our customers, we went looking for a solid option that matched our sustainable vision, and that’s how we came across Unilin Panels. They use up to 95% recycled wood in their chipboard thanks to their circular approach, including in their Master Oak. But they have also achieved a world first with their MDF and HDF recycling technology that allows their panels to retain up to 380,000 tonnes of CO₂ longer each year. This creates a nice, organic connection between the company, the material, Rawside and ultimately the customer." 

Sustainable is in demand

This customer is increasingly looking for sustainable materials and alternatives for furnishing office or retail spaces. The popularity of sustainable products is therefore growing significantly. Rawside works exclusively with sustainable materials, and always offers its customers a selection of Unilin Panels colours. This ensures that the final product always remains surprising and unique.


There was a clear goal: every customer needs to find something that matches their aesthetics.

- Molly Bray, Digital & B2C manager at Rawside

Master Oak mix & match 

And for those who want to match the natural mindset with a natural look? For them, Rawside has Master Oak in the range. “Master Oak is so much more cost-effective than solid wood, and the look and feel convince you you’re working with real oak ,” says Molly. “We love to combine it with the more pronounced and colourful decors, which gives a very cool result.”

The colour options that Rawside have included in the range consist of ten accent colours, in addition to the natural wood patterns. How did this selection come about? There was a clear goal: every customer needs to find something that matches their aesthetics," explains Molly. “We have neutral and soft colours such as greys and light blue, but we also cater for the more adventurous with mustard yellow and bright orange.”

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