Lacquering applications

Gloss, colour, application, substrate, finish...our lacquer finishes are particularly flexible to adapt to the specific wishes and needs of the customer or his project.

  • Interior decoration:
    Lacquered boards can be used for interior decoration or for the manufacture of furniture or walls. As a coating, a paintable primer can be used or a fully transparent or coloured final finish in the desired gloss level. Optionally, a self-adhesive protective film can be applied on top of the final coating to provide security during transport or subsequent processing.
  • Exterior decoration:
    Sheet material with paintable primer coating suitable for durable finish work such as roof overhangs, fascias or yard fences.
  • Coatings:
    We attach particular importance to the right colour, gloss and coverage or transparency of the coating. Whatever the final application of your boards, we have every coating that is suitable for your specific purpose.
  • Gloss level:
    The gloss level is decisive for the final result. A matt transparent lacquer will have a completely different effect than a gloss transparent lacquer on the same wooden plate.
    In addition to the commonly used gloss, satin and matt with respective gloss levels of 30, 20, and 10, different gloss levels can also be discussed.

Colours and coatings tailored to your project

In consultation, a specific colour range can be defined for your stock range, which is repeated with every order. Or we can use the colour of your choice, to distinguish you from the competition and present the plates as your own product. Moreover, a primer coating does not necessarily have to be white. Grey is also one of the possibilities, is just as paintable as white and even offers better coverage for certain dark lacquer finishes.

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