Combining quality and elegance with Master Oak Elegant black

What if you could combine the unbeatable quality of oak with the elegance of a black material? Voglauer pulled it off with Master Oak Elegant black! They are amazed by the unprecedented authenticity, unique wood texture and color that can’t be topped in nature. According to the people of Voglauer, the look just begs to be touched. And on top of that, they claim that they have never processed a higher quality material!  
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Subtle interplay between quality and beauty

Looking for an alternative veneer able to withstand razor-sharp hair cuttings? Corpo Interior based in Kortrijk put its confidence in Master Oak. They have discovered a product that saves them time and money both during and after installation, by largely eliminating the need for rework. However, they were also won over by the fact that Master Oak came through the opening of hairdressing salon Huis van de Kappers without a scratch.

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Impactful office redesign

Can you really get the warm look of real oak with the hardness of HPL? You certainly can! Add to this the same installation method, little to no rework and consistent quality and it is clear why Holvoet used Master Oak for the new Moderna headquarters. From custom-made furniture in the offices to the grand staircase in the entrance hall, the result is warm and contemporary.  

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Tips for processing Master Oak

Want to start using Master Oak? This decorative panel material with oak grain is easy and convenient to process in melamine, HPL (laminate) and ClicWall. Sawing, milling, drilling, edging, ... you name it. Lift your project to another level with Master Oak! 

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