Systemfloor HD Decor

Decorative finished, ultra-strong structural chipboard (U8) for raised access flooring

  • Chipboard
  • CE norm: P6
  • Dry conditions - service class 1
  • Density: Ultra strong (±730kg/m3)
  • Structural
  • 100% recovered wood
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Ultra-strong, structural chipboard compliant with CE-class P6, but produced with strongly enhanced strength and stiffness (class U8). This U8-class result in a strongly increased load-bearing capacity and reduced deflection, compared with standard P6. Systemfloor HD Decor (U8) is a semi-finished tile with wear resistante and anti-static decorative finishing, mainly used for raised access flooring. This increases production speed and reduces complexity. The decorative finishing is fire-retardant as standard, class Bfl-s1. Systemfloor HD Decor, compliant CE class P6, is suitable for use in dry conditions, service class 1, and consists of 89% renewable materials and is made from 100% recovered wood, of which 95% is recycled wood. This product can be PEFC and FSC certified on request, depending on the certification of our stocks. Systemfloor HD Decor is available in large board sizes or presawn, cut-to-size into small tiles for raised access flooring.

  • Construction board
  • Raised access floor
  • Structural flooring
  • D-s2-d0