Fibrabel FR Wheelmark

Fire-retardant and non-structural MDF board for industrial processing and interior applications, Wheelmark certified

  • MDF
  • CE norm: L.MDF
  • Dry conditions - service class 1
  • Fire retardant
  • Density: Standard
  • Formaldehyde class: Low

High quality & fire retardant MDF board (L-MDF FR according EN 622-5) with a hard, fine and smoothly sanded surface. For easy identification, the panel is coloured red in the mass. Fibrabel FR Wheelmark can be used for non-load bearing applications in dry conditions. This board has low formaldehyde emission (E1 class) and also meets the requirements set by the California Air Resource Board (CARB - phase 2) and EPA (TSCA - Title VI). Fibrabel FR Wheelmark is hardly flammable (European fire reaction classification B), has a significantly delayed combustion and does not contribute to flame spread. Fibrabel FR Wheelmark is B-s1-d0 certified (EN 13501-1). For thickness 15 to 25 mm, Fibrabel FR Wheelmark is labelled with the Mark of Conformity(Wheelmark). For the thickness range from 15 to 30 mm, Fibrabel FR Wheelmark also meets Class 1/Class A as set by ASTM E84. Fibrabel FR Wheelmark is made from 100% recovered wood: 100% pre-consumer wood from waste flows from the wood industry or thinned wood from sustainable forestry and verge management. Fibrabel FR Wheelmark is an original Spanolux product.

  • Interior and furniture
  • B-s1-d0