Corridor with Master Oak office interior

Coming home to the office with Master Oak

Coming home to the office every day. Sounds good, right? At the new headquarters of construction company Van Wanrooij, Inbo Architect made this possible thanks to a large open space that reduces the distance between the different departments. The eye-catcher? The cabinet wall that runs over three floors and is finished with Master Oak Light Natural.

The new headquarters in Den Bosch had to retain the “Van Wanrooij feeling”. "So we were looking for a material that radiates heat but can also withstand impact. In addition, it had to be available quickly in large quantities and in HPL, melamine and edging tape," says Berry Boelens from B-M Interieurs. Master Oak turned out to be the perfect match!

Interested in the potential offered by Master Oak?

  • Location: Den Bosch
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Sector: Corporate & office
  • Architect: Inbo Architect
  • Installer: B-M interieurs
  • Products: UNILIN Evola-HPL UNILIN Evola-Belspan
  • Design: Master Oak light natural
  • Photographer: Thomas Callens

products used in this project