Dynamic locker wall in marble and wood effect from the Unilin Evola collection

Decorative panels in walnut brown and marble effect make Moore’s brand-new workplace a feast for the eyes

Create an inspiring, ultramodern space with a fantastic view of the Atomium and a nod to Expo 58. That was Buro Project’s mission for Moore, a fast-growing accountancy and consulting company, and they chose to accept it. The third floor of the Brussels Buro & Design building has been given a completely new look by their partner NDW

Kathy absolutely wanted the boxes to have a wood-look finish for a warm, cosy atmosphere. “Initially, we wanted to use veneer but that turned out to be very expensive. So we went looking for a good alternative. When we saw at the samples from Unilin Panels in the office, we knew right away we’d found what we wanted.”

Kathy loves the way the decorative panels from the Unilin Evola collection look. “That applies to both the walnut brown (Lorenzo Walnut Medium Brown) and the variant based on Carrara marble (Carrara Creamy). We needed to sustain our look & feel, and these panels have certainly achieved that. We get a lot of positive reactions.”

You will find the panels in just about every room of the Moore office: from the reception desk to the meeting rooms, and from the coffee corners to the locker wall and the fitted cabinets. “It was a good choice”, continues Kathy. “After all, the materials are suitable for intensive use, including horizontal surfaces such as desks and tables. It still needs to look good 5 years down the line. The panels therefore offer an advantage over veneer, which is not as robust as HPL.”

“Choosing a partner in an interior design project often depends on the colour range or the materials they offer. We were very pleased that Unilin Panels had what we wanted, because we definitely prefer to work with a Belgian company.

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