Stain-resistant cabinets made from oak wood furniture panels from Unilin Panels

Natural and hard-wearing new look with Master Oak

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Except with Master Oak. As Fugazzi architect Tom Vanwynsberghe discovered during the design of the new shop layout of the Huis van de kappers. Master Oak not only combines the look but also the feel of solid oak but with the durable scratch resistance of melamine and HPL.

The new look of the busy hairdresser’s shop required a mix of naturalness – which is in keeping with the product range in the shop – and easy-care. "The swirling hairs are razor sharp and destroy everything", explains Tom. Sustainable melamine faced walls and shelving with a fresh and natural veneer look are therefore the perfect application in this project.

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As the Master Oak range is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, these panels bring new design possibilities to environments where wood veneer would otherwise be unsuitable, such as garage workshops and hairdressing salons. What’s more, Master Oak is also extremely strong and more affordable than real oak.

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