Complete office design with Unilin Master Oak

Guitteny, the masters of furniture making

Looking for the ultimate proof that HPL for interior doors is the perfect choice for your next project? Even the masters of furniture making and interior design chose Unilin HPL for the interior of their new buildings. “Originally, the idea was to go for solid oak, but when we saw Unilin’s Master Oak HPL, we were sold right away!” says Franck Souchet of Guitteny. The combination of an authentic matt look, high scratch resistance and durability was exactly what they were looking for.

To create a sense of unity, they chose to allow the doors to blend seamlessly into the walls. "We also clad the furniture and even the stairs with HPL, and the result is stunnung!". A durable panel that is almost indistinguishable from real oak turned out to be an excellent match for this project.

  • Location: Saint-Julien-De-Concelles
  • Country: France
  • Sector: Corporate & office
  • Installer: Guitteny
  • Products: UNILIN Evola-HPL
  • Photographer: Kris Dekeijser

Looking for a combination of quality, design and sustainability?  Then go for Unilin Master Oak.

Using innovative Unilin Timber Touch Technology, we have succeeded in applying no less than 64 different depth levels. That’s 20 times more (!) texture than standard structures, resulting in the lifelike appearance of Master Oak.

Master Oak - better than the original on all fronts:
1. Scratch-resistant: 3 times more scratch resistant than real oak
2. Colourfast: a timeless look and colours that won't fade
3. Stain-resistant: easy to maintain

The icing on the cake? Master Oak is made from more than 95%recycled wood.

And all of this has not gone unnoticed by the expert jury at the Interzum Awards 2023, DNA Paris Design Awards and Muuz International Awards (MIAW), in which Master Oak won many awards.

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