The unbeatable quality of melamine and HPL

You want the best for your customers, right? We sure do! The latest generation of decorative panels captures the natural look and diverse feel of real oak. Yes, we even fooled interior professionals that work with real oak and veneer!

With Master Oak boards, you can offer your customers a budget-friendly alternative to real wood and veneer that can withstand the test of time.

  1. Scratch resistant: 3 times more resistant to scratches than real oak.
  2. Colourfast: a timeless look and colours that stay beautiful.
  3. Effortless in maintenance: easy to clean and maintain.

Watch this video if you want proof! 👉


Office furniture in Master Oak in melamine and HPL

Choose from 6 Master Oak designs

You want options? You've got it! Master Oak is available in 4 wood designs and 2 plain colours. 

The possibilities are endless! You can use it: 

  • for furniture with our melamine faced panels, HPL and matching edging tape,
  • for doors thanks to our doorsize HPL,
  • or as wall system with Clicwall. 

Secure your Master Oak samples

Master oak as a more durable alternative to solid oak wood or veneer

Sustainable alternative to oak or veneer

Did you know our melamine faced panels are made from 95% recycled wood?

That means you can offer your customers a sustainable and budget-friendly alternative to real oak or veneer. And most importantly: without compromising on the authentic and warm look & feel of real oak or oak veneer.

Master Oak slats on black MDF gives office space an oak-like elegance

The authenticity of oak in your interior design project

From trendy barber shops to modern offices and chic restaurants. Master Oak takes your project to the next level with its natural oak look and timeless elegance.

Curious about some projects where Master Oak plays the leading role? Get inspired by the versatility of this decorative wood based material.

Admire stunning Master Oak realisations

Master Oak in your next interior project? 

Besides the four classy wood designs, this unique structure also comes in two plain colours, black and white.
Master Oak can also be supplied on different materials:

  • Melamine faced panels
  • HPL (standard format and door format)
  • Clicwall 
  • Shelving
  • Edgeband in ABS or laminate

If this has whetted your appetite, request your free Master Oak samples and discover for yourself!

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