Moisture-resistant and structural chipboard with integrated vapour- and airtight barrier for construction

  • Chipboard
  • CE norm: P5
  • Humid conditions - service class 2
  • Moisture resistant
  • Structural
  • Airtight and vapour barrier
  • Tongue and groove
  • 100% recovered wood
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Moisture resistant and structural P5 chipboard with an integrated airtight and vapour controlled coating, finished on the edges with tongue-and-groove. Durelis VapourBlock TG is suitable for use in humid conditions, service class 2, mainly as racking board in walls for timber frame construction. Durelis VapourBlock TG consists of 89% renewable materials and is made from 100% recovered wood, of which 95% is recycled wood. This product can be PEFC and FSC certified on request, depending on the certification of our stocks.

  • Exterior wall element
  • Racking board
  • D-s2-d0