A raised floor tailored to your project

You will have undoubtedly noticed it yourself: the construction market is evolving. Projects need to be completed and commissioned more quickly than ever before, even though there have never been more quality and sustainability requirements. And yet it is possible! Our solutions:

  • Extremely strong and sustainable panels made from >95% recycled wood.
  • Decorative or as a semi-finished product with an aluminium pre-finish.
  • Hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and with antistatic decorative finishes
  • Cradle-to-cradle material health certified

The complete high-quality range will optimise your production with sustainability at the forefront.

Systemfloor substrates

Extremely strong, sustainable substrates with easy finish options

  • > 95% recycled wood
  • Extremely high load-bearing capacity (U9)
  • Large or small tile size
  • Cradle-to-cradle material health certified

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Systemfloor DECOR

Substrate with standard fire retardant, hard-wearing and antistatic decorative finish

  • Ready-to-use decorative semi-finished product
  • Standard fire retardant (Bfl-s1 CE certified)
  • No top finish delamination
  • Hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and antistatic
  • Fully recyclable into new chipboard

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Substrate finished with transparent, cleanable coating

  • Ready-made, semi-finished product
  • Surface in accordance with emission classification A+ rating (ISO 16000 offset)
  • Easy to clean
  • No ingress of dirt and dust
  • Fully recyclable into new chipboard

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High-quality decorative laminate flooring

  • Hard-wearing, impact-resistant and antistatic Compatible with decorative semi-finished product
  • Cut to size

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Will your next project include Systemfloor?

Applications: server room raised floor, IT data centres, server rooms, office and other workspaces.

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