Sanipan MDF

Moisture-resistant and pre-drilled MDF board used as rear wall behind wall-hung toilets

  • MDF
  • CE norm: L.MDF.H
  • Humid conditions - service class 2
  • Moisture resistant
  • Non-structural
  • 100% recovered wood

Moisture resistant MDF board (L-MDF.H according EN 622-5) with a fine and smoothly sanded surface. The board is pre-drilled for use as rear wall behind wall-hung toilets. Sanipan MDF can be used in humid conditions, service class 2. This board has low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). Sanipan MDF consists of 89% renewable materials and is made from 100% recovered wood. Unilin is the first manufacturer worldwide to recycle MDF and uses recycled fibres for the production of new MDF. This product can be PEFC and FSC certified on request, depending on the certification of our stocks.

  • Separation wall and wall lining
  • D-s2-d0
  • 1200x1000 mm