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UNILIN’s concept store: For floors, furniture and walls


At the last edition of Euroshop in Düsseldorf, UNILIN welcomed visitors to the world’s largest retail fair on familiar territory – a 360 concept store, an experience space packed full of materials, textures and colours. A journey for the inspiration seeker, a joy for every interior specialist. Made completely from Pergo and UNILIN Evola material, this store concept blurred the lines between booth and experience, and using handbags, shoes and perfume bottles as a disguise, playfully emphasised both the versatility and creativity of the applications.

The concept phase – scale model of a grandiose idea

For the stand’s design, UNILIN spoke to creative agency King George, a specialist in lifestyle, design and interiors. Manager and creative director Nicolas Block threw two ideas into the mix for the new design – striking, modular-type exterior walls and a concept store as the base idea for the design of the stand itself.

Using recognisability and precise execution, Block was able to create powerful stopping power, ensuring that the stand stood head and shoulders above all of the others. A recognisability drawn from his own youth – tinkering with Märklin miniature trains and the flat grids that held together the plastic parts for the houses. Translated to today, this resulted in an impressive trade fair façade with sleek figures in Pergo and UNILIN Evola material to draw visitors over the threshold.

Inside, the second idea was brought to life by interior designer Ellen Nijssen, who designed a ‘full experience’ concept store with its own unique identity to help inspire retailers and retail organisers. Clad from head to toe in panels, the fair stand had everything that you would expect from a concept store – attractive accessories such as perfume bottles, shopping bags and handbags along the walls, a range of samples disguised as trousers on a rack and, the showpiece, the checkout in a combination of Fibralux Black-mdf bonded with the white WE30 MST supermat design from the UNILIN Evola collection in HPL and a milled tile effect.

The design – the proof is in the pudding

Stand builder Tausch had a lot of fun working on the stand, especially the latter part. To achieve the integrating waffle pattern, carpenters worked intensively with the CNC machine – for seven hours to be precise – and this was only for the upper surface. And it was certainly an achievement to be proud of! Fine milling work with tile mosaic effect to really highlight the versatility of UNILIN Evola  panels.

The full 3.5 metre length of Clicwall was used for the walls of the stand for the first time – a first, with an even, uniform look as a result. Tausch also used the full dimensions of the UNILIN Evola panels for the geometric figures on the external walls. To make seamless figures, the height of the stand was reduced from six metres to four metres, with the shapes reduced proportionately. This sleek finish made the walls at least as impressive as their larger sketches.

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