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Hygienic materials become indispensable


Today's world isn't the same as a few months ago. In the interior design of the future, easy to clean and hygienic surfaces will become indispensable. Fortunately, as an interior designer you don't have to compromise on your creativity thanks to our wide range of products, designs & perfect finishes. Hygienic solutions are not boring!

The focus in the last weeks has been on hand hygiene. Now that all sectors are starting up again, easy-to-clean surfaces appear to be essential. Think of (desk) tables, walls, doors and cupboards. In schools, shops, offices, hotels as well as the care sector everything must be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

Lavagraphics office design - unilin evola
Photo: Lavagraphics also needed simple to maintain material.

Laminated board material (melamine) and HPL are easy to maintain and are resistant to intensive use. The surfaces can be cleaned several times a day with alcohol containing (70%) cleaning products without damaging it. Fortunately, decorative board material - in addition to easy cleaning - has also other advantages to offer.

De verwondering - onderhoudsvriendelijke materialen voor scholen
Photo: easily washable Clicwall walls at De Verwondering Primary School

With the decorative and durable board material from the UNILIN Evola collection, you can leave your mark on every interior project. This collection of innovative products for interior design not only looks beautiful and lifelike, it also feels really authentic. Perfection is in the details. By working with realistic embossed structures and different levels of gloss for the finish, we developed the most harmonious and lifelike designs ever. Completely in-house.

Ceppo mineral grey UNILIN Evola
Photo: the Ceppo mineral grey gives every interior a sophisticated look.

It is clear to everyone that COVID-19 has turned the (interior design) world upside down. The impact may be huge and we see it in the trends such as the need for hygienic materials and the return to clean and pure colours. The clean colour par excellence is white. In white, whiter, whitestyou can read that white in retail is the perfect basis for a minimalist look. White with its bright character has a positive influence on the mood of shoppers. Sandy nuances and other earthy tones can also be combined in a clean look. Or are you more inclined to the subdued statement of earthy tones?

Park Inn Hotel by Radison koos voor met earthy tones van UNILIN Evola
Photo: the Park Inn Hotel by Radison chose earthy tones for serenity with character.

In addition to melamine & HPL, you will also find hygienic materials within our MDF range. The black MDF (Fibralux MR Black Super Matt) is easy to clean thanks to its lacquer coating. This core coloured black MDF, with a super matt finish on both sides, gives your interior project a unique, super matt and soft touch effect.

Fibralux MR Black Super Matt
Pjoto: the super matt black MDF is soft enough to blend into any interior.

The creative possibilities are endless... Are you curious about our complete UNILIN Evola collection? Order a free sample card. Want to discover the soft touch of the Fibralux MR Black Super Matt? Order your free sample.

Remember: keep your hands clean and stay creative! 

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