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“Ceppo mineral grey”: the star of the moment


Is it its imperfect perfect composition or the richness of its patterning and structures? The fact is, “Ceppo mineral grey” gives every interior a sophisticated look. We have used the panels with the look of natural stone multiple times in a single project, each time with a more than successful result. Want to take a look?

Majestic but delicate pillars

UNILIN Evola Ceppo mineral grey

Create a royal pillar or light beam with “Ceppo mineral grey” in the form of uniformly stacked blocks with a recessed seam for a light look.

Play with depth and textures

UNILIN Evola Ceppo mineral grey

Combined with marble or other natural stone materials, “Ceppo mineral grey” continues to steal the show, demonstrating its outstanding added value. Playing with different depths and materials can really bring the “Ceppo” to life, as this project shows.

Subtle glamour

UNILIN Evola Ceppo mineral grey

Ceppo mineral grey” gives a pleasing accent to both larger and smaller projects – it is synonymous with subtlety and glamour, even as a small-scale finish for tables and bars.

Original window profile

UNILIN Evola Ceppo mineral grey

Being original with “Ceppo mineral grey” and using it as a window profile is the perfect way for the panels to make their entrance into any interior. A classy yet affordable solution.

'Ceppo mineral grey’ can be used:

  • For a rich, sophisticated look
  • For a combination of white, black and grey
  • As an accent or unichrome surface combined with other natural stone appearances
  • As a style enhancer for walls, pillars, beams, tables and furniture

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