Towards climate neutrality thanks to green energy

How do we achieve these climate neutrality objectives? By focusing more on green energy and using energy more efficiently at our production sites. 73% of our total energy consumption is renewable and we generate all of it ourselves. In order to minimise our CO2 emissions as much as possible, we are continuing to look for ways to generate and use more renewable energy.

How do we generate green energy today?

  • We rely on 2 of our own power plants for our production sites in Wielsbeke & Oostrozebeke.
  • We have installed more than 2,000 solar panels at the production site in Izegem.

Is that enough? No, many more projects will be rolled out over the coming months and years. On the one hand, these projects must optimise energy consumption and on the other hand increase the production of additional green energy.


Wood dust released during sanding and cutting of panels material is used as a heat source for our drying drums and presses.



Nothing is lost during the production process

Thanks to a high-tech pre-cleaning process, we can process a lot of wood, which has already had a long life, into raw material for new chipboard and MDF products. Wood that can no longer be used as a raw material is used to generate renewable energy.

This is how it works