Fibrabel MR NAF MR50

Moisture-resistant, non-structural MDF board with no added formaldehyde for industrial processing and interior applications

  • MDF
  • CE norm: L.MDF.H
  • Moisture resistant
  • Humid conditions - service class 2
  • Density: Standard
  • Formaldehyde class: NAF

High quality, moisture resistant MDF board (L-MDF.H according EN 622-5) with a hard, fine and smoothly sanded surface. Fibrabel MR NAF MR50 is characterised by extremely low formaldehyde emissions (no added formaldehyde-based resins). Fibrabel MR NAF MR50 can be used for non-load bearing applications in humid conditions. The product meets the criteria required for the MR50 / grade 115 designation (ANSI A208.2-2016). This board is approved by the by Air Resources Board (ARB) as a no-added formaldehyde based resin (NAF) MDF board (section 93120.3 of the ATCM ‘Airborne Toxic Control Measure’). Fibrabel MR NAF MR50 is made from 100% recovered wood: 100% pre-consumer wood from waste flows from the wood industry or thinned wood from sustainable forestry and verge management. Fibrabel MR NAF MR50 is an original Spanolux product.

  • Interior and furniture
  • D-s2-d0