The moisture-resistant, airtight Durelis construction boards were the perfect choice for the structural shell.

A sustainable home with a showroom for Laureyns Joinery

Günter Laureyns and Katrien Eeckhout chose a timber frame construction for their home with showroom. This choice made perfect sense, given that their business, Laureyns Joinery,  specialises in joinery and timber frame construction.

Brecht Pot (BRES architecten) drew up the implementation plans while Katrien and Günter were in charge of the design, preparation and execution of the work. They decided to use UNILIN Panels: the excellent airtightness of building boards such as Qualirack and Durelis were a deal-breaker. Other materials, such as I-Joists, were used for the spans of the flat roof, largely because they are lighter, more environmentally friendly and easier to incorporate than solid wood.

Günter and Katrien are staunch advocates of eco-friendly construction: they consciously choose to use recovered wood products and reduce their environmental footprint and transport impact by working with a local, Belgian business with the relevant in-house know-how.

  • Location: Evergem
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sector: Residential
  • Architect: Brecht Pot (BRES architecten)
  • Installer: Laureyns Joinery
  • Products: DURELIS LVL-R I-Joist 90 Qualirack TG
  • Photographer: BOA.

For Günter and Katrien, the responsible use of materials is paramount, which is why they used Durelis and Qualirack construction boards for the structural shell of their home. In addition to offering superb airtightness, these boards are made from 100% recovered wood: 90% post-consumer wood, supplemented with 10% pre-consumer wood from residual flows from the wood industry or timber from the thinning of sustainably managed forests and road verge maintenance.

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