University of Ghent Data Centre and IT-lab

The University of Ghent has built a high-tech tower in Zwijnaarde to house a data centre and IT-lab. The whole construction project is twelve storeys high. A heavy concrete frame was built around the central core, but the building was still missing an outer shell.

  • Location: Zwijnaarde
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sector: Education
  • Architect: THV Arcadis / EVR Architecten
  • Contractor: MBG
  • Installer: Jonckheere Projects

Because the university is seen as a role model for all things ecological, the bar was set high in the area of sustainability. The façade absolutely had to contribute to the tower’s energy efficiency.

Thanks to the Top-Finish surface, the Durelis Vapourblock is an airtight construction material. By protecting a thick pack of insulation with an airtight shell, the façade could offer exceptional insulation properties. That is essential given that the University of Ghent wants to be able to use the residual heat from the servers as a source of energy.

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