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Walnut – refined luxury inspired by Italy


Arguably the most refined people on the planet, the Italians, consider walnut one of the most suitable materials for finishing luxury hotels and yachts. And who are we to argue? Walnut was once on its way to obscurity, but following the revival of Luxury (yes, with a capital L), it’s beginning to find its way back into our interiors. Bellissimo!

A little grandeur in your interior

Lorenzo Walnut medium brown - UNILIN Evola

“Lorenzo walnut medium brown” is warm and elegant and easy to combine with other fine materials such as here, with “Brushed Gold”, also from the UNILIN Evola collection. “Lorenzo walnut medium brown” may well be a subtle presence in a room, but always manages to dictate the overall look. In this realisation, the walnut design helps to shine a spotlight on the gold-coloured panel on the right, while also bringing out the gold tint on the shelves.

A real star player

Lorenzo Walnut medium brown - UNILIN Evola

The bar, finished in “Lorenzo walnut medium brown” from our UNILIN Evola collection, attracts all of the attention in this room. It’s not that the bar is screaming out for it, but its refined high-end appearance instantly catches the eye. Notice the rounded finish, a result that is easily achieved with panels from the UNILIN Evola collection. What this realisation really reinforces is the attention to detail combined with the subtle horizontal slats in “Brushed Gold” from our collection.

Shaken, not stirred

Lorenzo Walnut medium brown - UNILIN Evola

The upper and lower bar have been finished solely in “Lorenzo walnut medium brown”. The “Brushed Gold” panels are highlighted more by the colour and design of “Lorenzo walnut medium brown”, which adds a higher quality to any furniture or wall. For the top of the bar itself, we opted for “Marble vein nero bronze”. Three designs from the UNILIN Evola collection that combine perfectly to create a bar right out of a film set.

The benefits of “Lorenzo walnut medium brown”

  • Ideal for a refined, luxurious appearance.
  • Suitable for both furniture and walls (available in Clicwall).
  • Does not appear excessive, even if used amply or over wide areas in a room.
  • Can be combined perfectly with luxurious finishes such as gold, copper, silver and marble.
  • Adds warmth to a room.