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Have you received your sample card? Excellent! Then you can get to work...
We really wanted to share these tips and tricks with you: 

The sample cards contain a good deal of information, and answer a few other questions:

  • Which surface finish matches which code?

    Every design has a “name” such as “Everest white” as well as a “design code”. The code comprises two parts – the UNILIN code (e.g. 0WE28) and the surface finish code (e.g. V1A). The sample card contains an overview of all surface finish codes, their name and a detailed image.

    Tip: the surface finish code is important when ordering samples. Certain designs are available in different structures. For example, 0WE28 (Everest white) is available in 7 different surface finishes: V1A (Dainty Oak), V2A (Master Oak), W07 (Subtle wood), M04 (Hive), MST (supermat), BST (topmat) and CST (soft pearl).

  • How repetitive are certain elements in the design?

    Certain designs have pronounced elements. The samples on the sample card are just a small part of the overall design. On the rear of the flap you’ll find a complete drawing of the full panel (2,800 x 2,070 mm). This gives an initial overview of the elements in the design.

    Tip: on our website, you can also download this full layout or drawing of the complete panel for each design in high resolution.
  • In which products is my chosen design available from stock?

    You’ll find one or more symbols next to each design. These allow you to see in which products this design is available from stock. The key tells you what the symbols mean.

    For more details, you can always check the product overview on the sample card. The designs are arranged alphabetically so that you can find the information you need quickly.

  • Is the UNILIN Evola HPL suitable for horizontal use?

    Not every HPL is suitable for horizontal use. Certain surface finishes are more sensitive, so horizontal use is not recommended. You’ll find the classification of the HPL (grade) under the flap of the design. HGS stands for horizontal and general use. You will also see VGS next to some of the designs in the UNILIN Evola collection (e.g. our M01 – metallic surface finish). This stands for vertical and general use.

  • What do you offer in terms of base boards/substrates?

    In addition to standard chipboard, the UNILIN Evola collection is also available on a range of other substrates/base boards (such as moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, but also MDF, coloured core MDF, etc.). This “Made to order” page gives you an overview of the options that we can supply within ten working days.

    There are of course additional options, for more information please contact us.

  • How can I order samples?

    If you find the samples on the card too small to make a decision, we completely understand. The sample cards are designed to help you make a preliminary decision. You can simply scan the QR code under the flap to quickly and easily order a free 300 x 200mm sample for your next project.

    On our website we offer different types of samples:
    - HPL (0.7 mm thick)
    - Melamine (melamine faced chipboard 10 mm)
    - ABS edging tape
    - ABS edging tape with end-grain design (limited number of designs)
    - Laminate edging tape with end-grain design (limited number of designs)
    - Clicwall (for Clicwall stock designs only)

    Tip: if only the design is important, opt for HPL as it is not as thick and heavy. The look and feel are identical thanks to the colour combination in melamine and HPL.

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