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Clicwall delivers rapid solution for mobile medical units


All over the world, extra capacity is urgently needed in the healthcare sector. Due to time pressure, mobile units are mainly used, on the one hand to quickly create extra surface area in hospitals, and on the other hand to cross the country with mobile care units.

Source: richardjohnson / Shutterstock.com

Delivering extra capacity that is urgently needed during the Covid-19 pandemic, a global medical player in mobile diagnostic units from the Netherlands selected UNILIN Panel’s Clicwall system for its rapid click system installation and easy to clean surface finish.

Photo: The Beneens team is placing Clicwall in the new offices of Remmicom

With Clicwall, you can erect partition walls and wall lining in no time. The panel’s innovative click profile allows dust-free installation for the internal walls and partitions of the mobile medical units, allowing the room to be used for medical work immediately after installation. RetailDetail also chose Clicwall. for these reasons. They had to build their new offices in the "Stadsfeestzaal" in Antwerp (Belgium) in next to no time.

Timelaps: installation of clicwall in the new RetailDetail offices

BePods, a Belgian manufacturer of Modular Spaces, also relies on Clicwall for the interior finishing of their units. Their flexible living spaces are a combination of design and high acoustic and thermal values. The modular units offer solutions for every need for extra space, from living space, care room, office space to customised commercial spaces.

Photo: BePods modulaire unit finished with Clicwall Elegant Black - veneer wood

Outside of healthcare there is also increasing demand for extra capacity and with time-pressure high, solutions such as Clicwall are looking increasingly attractive for everywhere from commercial interiors to schools and public facilities.

Photo: Clicwall at primary school "De Verwondering"

"We are on standby to quickly answer questions from installers and other professionals. During installation, we provide support to ensure perfect execution and optimal results. This allows us to quickly provide a solution to the growing demand for extra capacity," says Bénédicte Lobel, Business Manager Clicwall at UNILIN Panels.

Do you have any questions or need more info? Contact us now, we will be happy to help you quickly.

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