In our MOODS, you will find new inspiration to perfectly match your customers' tastes and wishes. They are generous canvases for and by interior designers, giving free rein to your creativity. GREEN HOPE by Soo Heyvaert and Ellen Nijssen of King George brings an oasis of tranquillity, nature, and zen.

  • Dominant colours: Green: sage, olive, grass green.
  • Target group: Interior designers who want to create tranquillity
  • Keywords: Nature, tranquillity, zen, positivity, and biophilic design

Bringing nature inside

“Even though we have evolved a great deal over time, people have an instinctive need to be close to nature. Bringing natural elements into our environment – from homes and offices to public spaces – makes us feel better. That is what makes biophilic design – including GREEN HOPE – so powerful,” says Ellen.

© Atle Mo

Relaxing in a positive atmosphere

Green can be used in many ways in your interior. Green-painted walls, retro house plants, and green furniture all create a sense of calm in your home and in your mind. If you like it a bit more exclusive, how about creating some custom designs, such as a sage-green kitchen unit or an olive-green bathroom unit?

© Aaina Sharma
Green is soothing and has a positive effect on our moods – the ideal way to create a zen ambience.

- Ellen Nijssen, interior designer at King George

©Marten Bjork

Bringing back bohemian

“The origins of GREEN HOPE lie in the bohemian trends of 2010”, explains Soo, “featuring eclectic home interiors, assembled with a lot of inspiration from nature and traditional cultures, such as cane furniture and pampas grasses. The green shades were often combined with purple, which ties in perfectly with PURPLE DUST, another MOOD we developed with Unilin Panels.”

© Alyssa Strohmann

If you want to incorporate GREEN HOPE into your latest project?

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