If you are looking for the ultimate moment of inspiration to help you decorate your client’s interior according to their exact wishes, the MOODS range is the perfect solution. Its generous yet specific canvases have been designed to let you fulfil your creative ideas. For and by interior designers. Today, we will talk about PURPLE DUST, designed by Soo Heyvaert and Ellen Nijssen of King George.

  • Dominant colours: Purple and lilac
  • Target group: Interior designers, creative environments
  • Keywords: Scandinavian, Eighties revival

From millennial pink to Prince purple

“When it came to developing PURPLE DUST, we took inspiration from millennial pink”, says Soo. “We have noticed that Prince purple and lilac shades are becoming more popular, whereas before, we used to see pink shades and aubergine colours more often. In other words, purple always remains on the scene in one form or another.”

Eighties revival meets Scandinavian design

Other sources of inspiration for PURPLE DUST have come from Scandinavia and the Eighties. Ellen: “Purple is particularly popular in Denmark. Not so much for large items, but as an accent in small decorative elements such as vases, mirrors, and side tables. These can then be combined with other colours and materials. If you use aubergine, mauve, or plum shades, you get an entirely different look and feel.”

© Mikkel Tjellesen - ALT.dk

Use purple accents in a minimalist interior to give it a modern Scandinavian touch.

- Soo Heyvaert, interior designer at King George

More than just the interior

The colour purple not only has a substantial impact on the interior. Soo: “Colour trends have an extensive scope, not just for interiors, but also for fashion and beauty, for example. That also means that it offers a much broader canvas with a longer lifespan than niche trends such as Cottagecore.”

©Luke Edward

Have you succumbed to the charms of PURPLE DUST?

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