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  • UNILIN MOODS: Keep calm and embrace COTTAGECORE

UNILIN MOODS: Keep calm and embrace COTTAGECORE


If you are looking for the ultimate moment of inspiration to help you decorate your client’s interior according to their exact wishes, the MOODS range is the perfect solution. Its generous yet specific canvases have been designed to let you fulfil your creative ideas. For and by interior designers. Today, we will talk about COTTAGECORE, designed by Soo Heyvaert and Ellen Nijssen of King George.

  • Main colours: : Bright green, beige, brown, purple, and lilac
  • Keywords: English cottage, countryside, warmth

The Holiday meets TikTok

“Did you ever watch the movie ‘The Holiday?’ That’s where you can see what COTTAGECORE is all about,” says Ellen. “It was also a massive trend on TikTok. This is not surprising, since Covid brought it home to us that our lives are too hectic. When we were all staying at home, it was the perfect time to look for peace, warmth, and comfort in our interiors and ourselves. COTTAGECORE is not just a trend, but a lifestyle: a kind of yearning for a sense of pastoral fantasy.”

© Sarah Hull

The ultimate pastoral fantasy

The inspiration for COTTAGECORE comes from the idyllic English countryside, but magnified. “Imagine sprawling meadows, wild flowers, meandering streams, and rustic villages,” explains Soo. “Such landscapes inspire the colours used in COTTAGECORE, but it is just a bit more pronounced. There is also a focus on tactile materials, such as knotty woods and soft woven woollens.”

© Fitzgibbon

Match warm colours with natural, knotty woods and soft elements such as woollen blankets, cushions, etc.

- Soo Heyvaert, interior designer at King George

Create your own Cottagecore dream with Panels

“The UNILIN Evola range is a perfect match for the pastoral concept of Cottagecore,” says Soo. “It offers a wide selection of mixed, rustic wood types with many natural elements such as knots, organic grooves, and so on. There is also a large range of colours available, from lighter shades and grey tones to dark, deep colours.”

© Annie Spratt

Are you ready to include some COTTAGECORE in your project?