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  • UNILIN MOODS: FUNKNESS MESS - Orchestrated chaos with a twist

UNILIN MOODS: FUNKNESS MESS - Orchestrated chaos with a twist


If you are looking for the ultimate moment of inspiration to help you decorate your client’s interior according to their exact wishes, the MOODS range is the perfect solution. Its generous yet specific canvases have been designed to let you fulfil your creative ideas. For and by interior designers. Today, we will talk about FUNKNESS MESS, designed by Soo Heyvaert and Ellen Nijssen of King George.

  • Dominant colours: Bright colours, light wood, cherry red as the accent colour
  • Target group: Creative environments
  • Keywords: Collage, vintage, orchestrated chaos

Vivid colours, but also pastels

While COTTAGECORE represents a rural scene of peace and quiet, FUNKNESS MESS takes a very different approach. Soo: “This MOOD embraces and even encourages the use of bright colours! In particular, the primary colours – red, yellow and blue – combine well with pastel colours or lighter woods such as ash, pine, or light oak. In fact, the idea is to use a neutral interior as a canvas for more colourful objects, arranged in an orchestrated chaos.”

© Michelle Weir 

Orchestrated chaos

The secret behind FUNKNESS MESS? Combinations. Ellen: “Pick out some unique objects – second-hand or new – and turn them into a collage. The days when all the pieces of furniture came from the same shop – and preferably the same set – are long gone. Create a colourful mix of materials and colours – though make sure they all fit together.

© Jean-Philippe Delberghe 

Pick out objects with an emotional value and combine them into a colourful whole.

- Soo Heyvaert, interior designer at King George

An interior that tells a story

Soo: “Today, people don’t want to furnish their spaces – and I'm not only talking about homes, but also offices, shops, bars and restaurants – with things from the Ikea catalogue. Instead, they want objects that have personality. These do not have to be expensive, vintage objects – indeed, they can still come from Ikea, but should be the Ikea table that used to be in your teenage bedroom, not the latest model.

For offices, FUNKNESS MESS is more of a clean interior that can be spiced up with a few accents, such as brightly coloured twisted candles, eye-catching colourful posters, unique small vases, and so on."

© Toa Heftiba

Feel the funk, and let’s get messy!