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Great materials for big ideas: the 'making-of'


Our new decorative range offers endless possibilities. We selected a number of materials and brought them together in a handmade scale model to give you an idea of the options available. Soo Heyvaert from creative agency King George was the brains behind the creation: “We really explored the boundaries and made the most of the products.”



“We wanted to capture the versatility of the new decorative range in a single creative image,” explains Soo. “The typical images found in the most renowned design magazines were an important source of inspiration for the set that we drew up in 3D.”

“Using a digital 3D image would have been the easy route. But we wanted to work with the actual materials to bring the image to life. So we converted the 3D plan into a sawing plan for the joiner.”

“The joiner put together part of the set. The other pieces came to us as a construction kit and we put them together ourselves to create a scale model of 1.5 by 2.5 metres. In a photo shoot, we then captured images of the model for magazines and other advertisements.”

4 structures, 8 techniques, 12 designs

“We wanted our image to create some kind of confusion,” Soo continues. “At first glance, you see a rather banal, minimalist interior. But when you look more closely, you see a creation with a lot of depth to it, and realise what's special about the set: that it's made entirely by hand from panelling products.”

“We really explored the boundaries and made the most of the products. We had to process the panels extremely accurately to create the set. Every detail needed to be right, because we really zoomed into the material for the image. This makes the coloured wood fibres in the MDF extremely visible, for example.”

“The red chair in the foreground is an abstract interpretation of a real design classic around which we constructed the entire picture. Five different shades of green lend depth to the natural element in the image. A total of four products and structures and twelve different designs were incorporated into the model. And we used eight techniques to process the wood. This perfectly illustrates the versatility of the new decorative range.”


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