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  • UNILIN MOODS: The SEVENTIES - take a step back in time

UNILIN MOODS: The SEVENTIES - take a step back in time


If you are looking for the ultimate moment of inspiration to help you decorate your client’s interior according to their exact wishes, the MOODS range is the perfect solution. Its generous yet specific canvases have been designed to let you fulfil your creative ideas. For and by interior designers. Today, we take a step back in time to the SEVENTIES, designed by Soo Heyvaert and Ellen Nijssen of King George.

  • Dominant colours: Orange, mustard yellow, cobalt blue as the ultimate accent, dark brown and black woods
  • Keywords: Tropical wood, Formica, kitsch, space-age

Vintage with a twist

“Vintage is making a comeback,” Soo says. “Our funky seventies vibe with a nod to the mass introduction of plastics is a cool twist to work with. It lets you create a very different effect from a focus on natural materials – which you see in so many other interior design styles today.”

It is kitsch, but cool kitsch!

According to Ellen, these plastics offer a whole new range of interior design possibilities. “We have mostly thrown out the '60s teaks and veneers. Colours such as mustard yellow and orange and gaudy materials dominated the '70s. It’s kitsch, but with a cool vibe. Add a cobalt blue Berber carpet for the finishing touch and softness. Vibrant patterns, deep colours, and geometric shapes are key.”

© Aaina Sharma

It’s kitsch, but you make it cool with vibrant patterns, deep colours, and geometric shapes.

- Ellen Nijssen, interior designer at King George

Sexy space-age

What do Soo and Ellen think is the ultimate seventies combo? “Go for an orange colour palette, dark tropical woods, and wallpaper with organic shapes. Use plastic elements to get the ultimate space-age vibe: an orange wall with vintage white plastic furniture will always work well!”

© Arnaud Ajackinphreak

Are you ready to take a step back in time and embrace the seventies?