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  • Unilin Master Oak wins the DNA Paris Design Award for reponsible design
Unilin Master Oak wins the Paris Design Award for responsible design

Unilin Master Oak excels at 'Responsible Design' in Paris


With UNILIN Master Oak, we combine the natural look of oak with the benefits of HPL and melamine. It’s really a unique product... And we’re not alone in thinking this way! Unilin Master Oak won the DNA Paris Design Award for Product Design in the Responsible Design category on 20 October!

Responsible Design

No, the DNA Paris Design Award isn't just one of many...Only creations with a focus on both excellent design and a wider purpose is appreciated there. Meet UNILIN Master Oak. Like real oak, but better. Both aesthetically and sustainably.


Master Oak: an aesthetic and sustainable pearl

Why did Unilin Master Oak win? Through the combination of years of sweat and hard work and a no-nonsense sustainability vision.

Thanks to the unique Unilin Timber Touch technology, Master Oak is:

1. Scratch-resistant: 3 times more scratch-resistant than real oak.
Colorfast: a timeless look and colors that will last.
3. Stain-resistant: easy to maintain.

The icing on the cake? Master Oak is made from more than 90% recycled wood. We constantly challenge ourselves to do better.


A second, third or fourth life for wood

Did you know that no tree is harvested specifically for our production?  What does Unilin Panels consist of? Recovered wood. Recovered wood is wood and waste wood that cannot be used for another purpose and which we are, therefore, saving from incineration. This gives wood an extra life as new panels. What about non-recyclable wood? We use this as a power source in our own power plants to minimize our fossil CO² emissions.

The result? Every day we save 4,000 trees from being felled. This will allow us and future generations to enjoy our planet to the full.

Want to know more about our sustainability vision?

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