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Inspiring design at Broeinest Amsterdam

The perfect synergy between graphic, tactile and spatial design at Broeinest


What happens when you give a creative team carte blanche? Things get interesting to say the least. For the material library at Broeinest in Amsterdam – an immersive library where multiple suppliers of interior materials can install an expressive display – Unilin Panels asked Nachtlab to build an innovative presentation that shows how our materials can be used. The challenge was to build an inspirational piece that highlights the properties of our materials by displaying them in a way that inspires architects and other interior professionals, and shows them our materials in their most exciting and inspirational forms. Interior builder Intos took care of the project’s installation.

Inspirerend ontwerp bij Broeinest Amsterdam 

How did this inspirational piece come to life? The designers of Nachtlab always start by making hand sketches of their ideas. Once these sketches are done, they turn them into 3D models. And then it’s time to start making the mood boards, which are used as some kind of art gallery and serve as an inspiration for the actual design. Watch the video of their process here. You see, this is not your typical material library displaying a bunch of materials. This is a piece of art that brings the colors and textures of our materials to life - fusing tactile, graphic and spatial design.

“In order to create the heaviness of Master Oak, we made the pieces very thick, showing that Master Oak is like real oak and not just a thin imitation sheet.”, says Levi from Nachtlab. The display of Decorative Compact MDF was based on a sculptural piece, to immerse visitors into the texture of the material. The inverted window on the other hand is covered with Decorative MDF. Finally, also sustainability plays an important role in this masterpiece, with the presentation of real wood samples that show all the types of wood that can be recycled and used to create Unilin products.

Inspirerend ontwerp bij Broeinest Amsterdam 
“We are incredibly happy with the execution of this project. This sensory playground looks beautiful in the room next to the more simple realisations. The placement is just amazing. We’re also really pleased with the shadow gaps we created in the piece, adding a touch of elegance and breathability.”

Unilin Panels also supplied materials for two meeting rooms at Broeinest. For example, the 'Wunderkamer', both on the outside and inside, is clad in Clicwall and the matching cabinet is made entirely of the same decor Master Oak, transforming the room into a harmonious space.

Inspirerend ontwerp in Broeinest Amsterdam

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