Boutique hotel with black Clicwall and tables made out Master Oak

Master Oak makes the Hotel Corsendonk - Hooge Heyde the very picture of elegance

After a takeover in 2018, Hotel Corsendonk - Hooge Heyde was looking for a completely new identity. Operational manager Jan-Felix Nédée created a boutique hotel with elegant colour patterns for each room. His team gave a new look to 38 hotel rooms, the lobby, the restaurant, the events hall, the wellness area, and more! Master Oak played a leading role here.

Jan-Felix worked with some of the materials for the first time: Unilin Clicwall was one of them. Jan-Felix: “In certain spaces, such as our wellness area, we needed to create false walls. Clicwall turned out to be perfect for the task. Our carpenter was able to get off to a good start with clear instructions, such as which screws were needed, and the best way to saw the materials. Unilin Panels' easy-to-understand guidance ensured a great result.”

“At the end of the project, a Unilin Panels representative also showed us Master Oak,” continues Jan-Felix. “It turned out to be the perfect match for our table tops. The panels are very attractive: they look a lot like oak veneer in terms of finish. Even my own staff had difficulty distinguishing Master Oak from real wood.”.  In addition, Master Oak is scratch-resistant and colourfast, so that the tables remain beautiful after long-term use.

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“I absolutely wanted to use a Belgian product for this project”, says Jan-Felix. As he loves natural materials, he sought out products that resemble them as closely as possible while also being hard-wearing and durable. “The Unilin Panels products lent themselves perfectly to this renovation: they have a top price/quality ratio and all look luxurious.”

Jan-Felix was able to extend his selected colours everywhere. “Most of the styles in HPL are also available in Clicwall. And that’s handy when it comes to merging spaces in which different materials have been used. It creates a sense of peace and familiarity, which is important in a hotel environment.”

Curious about the possibilities of Master Oak?

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