Back to our roots

The circular idea was at the heart of our foundation in the 1960s. About forty flax traders were looking for a sustainable way to give loam, a by-product of the flax industry, a meaningful destination. At that time, these wastes were simply incinerated. They came up with the idea to invest in the production of boards based on the loam, so-called flaxboards.

Subsequently loam became our first raw material. Due to the scarcity of the loam on the one hand and the growing demand for panels on the other hand, we were forced to look for other raw materials as well. Later, we resolutely opted for wood as a renewable raw material and as a source of green energy.

When the right minds and the right materials gather, change becomes possible. Join the circle.

Join the circle

Circular philosophy

Wood is a renewable raw material and it is best to use it as long as possible before incinerating it. This circular idea contributes to fighting climate change.

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Opt for recovered wood

We choose wood, but only use recovered wood to produce new, high-quality panels. 100% of the wood we use in production is 'recovered wood'.

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Wood waste as source of green energy

We convert non-recoverable wood into green energy thanks to our own power plants. In this way, we limit the use of fossil fuels and convert waste streams into green energy.

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