Ambitious goals

Warming our planet is irreversible. However, limiting it to 1.5°C is achievable. We are therefore working hard to reduce our CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030 and to be climate neutral by 2050. This is fully in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

How do you do this? Well, as a company, we are committed to strict science-based targets or SBTs and are monitored by the Science Based Targets initiative, an initiative of the UN and WWF, among others.


"We want to be climate neutral by 2050. At our production sites, we are replacing natural gas with green energy."

Veronique Hoflack - President Unilin Panels


Thanks to this set of specific ambitious goals, we are growing in a sustainable way and setting an example for the entire manufacturing industry.


An overview of our sustainability goals


100% bio-based panels

The panels contain glue to hold the wood fibres together. And that glue contains fossil raw materials. By 2025, we aim to develop 100% bio-based MDF and chipboard, entirely free of fossil ingredients.

About the circularity of our products

100% C2C certified products

C2C is a globally recognised, independent way of assessing the sustainability of products. We aim to achieve C2C® or Cradle to Cradle certification for all our panels and HPL by 2025. And to continuously improve, because C2C encourages companies to keep becoming more sustainable.


25% recycled fibres in MDF

Using revolutionary recycling technology, we are the first company in the world to recover MDF and HDF boards to make new materials. By 2030, we aim for at least 25% recycled fibres in our MDF wood mix. To keep 380,000 tonnes of CO2 stored every year.

How MDF recycling technology works

-20% fossil resources

Using fewer fossil resources has a positive impact on your environmental footprint. We aim to reduce the amount of fossil resources in our products by 20% by 2030.

115,000 tonnes of wood recovery

Wood waste from customers is given a new life via take-back programs. By 2030, we aim to increase the quantity of reclaimed chipboard from 25,000 to 60,000 tonnes per year. For MDF, we want to go to 55,000 tonnes per year.

How does this work?

100% electric fleet

Every time we replace forklift trucks (under 16 tonnes) and company vehicles, we opt for an electric model. This means our fleet will gradually become fully electric.

-42% greenhouse gases

By 2030, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 42% compared to 2020. Among other things, we do this by replacing natural gas with green energy at our production sites as much as possible.

More about the green energy approach


By excluding fossil fuels from all our activities (such as production, energy and transport), we aim to become CO2 and climate neutral in the long run.

How we are committed to green energy