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  • UNILIN MOODS: NATURAL WAY OF WORKING and the natural impact of office design

UNILIN MOODS: NATURAL WAY OF WORKING and the natural impact of office design


Looking for that perfect moment of inspiration, so you can decorate your client's space perfectly according to their wishes? That's where our MOODS come in: broad yet specific playing fields developed by and for interior designers to help shape your creative ideas. This time featuring the NATURAL WAY OF WORKING, developed by Studio Woot Woot.

  • Main colours: warm wood, shades of green
  • Target audience: landscape offices, companies with over 50 employees
  • Keywords: biophilic design, nature, open, wellbeing

Nature as a middle ground

Karina Soors of Studio Woot Woot found the inspiration for NATURAL WAY OF WORKING in the film 'Playtime' and the paintings of Monet. "In 'Playtime' you see the classic landscape office with so-called 'cubicles': each employee sits in a cordoned-off box, doing their own thing," Karina explains. "I wanted to bring more light, air and tranquility into the work atmosphere. The openness and softness of Monet's paintings reflected that for me."

NATURAL WAY OF WORKING lets you create an environment where everyone feels good. Especially in larger companies, where dozens or even hundreds of people work, each with their own preferences, this is often a challenge. With natural elements, you create an environment that everyone finds pleasant.

Feeling at home at work

"An interior inspired by nature - warm and soft tones, natural materials like wood and stone, a few plants ... - stimulates a natural work flow," Karina continues. "Flex working, lounge areas, a coffee corner ... even a patio or a gym in the office: they all contribute to a cozy environment where everyone can do their own thing and yet still feel that personal connection. Good acoustics to combat overstimulation are also important. This makes people more productive and has a positive impact on their well-being."

Look for balance: don't combine too many materials and colors, but choose 2-3 and create a palette with them.

- Karina Soors, stylist and interior designer at Studio Woot Woot 

Create calm and balance with UNILIN Panels

Bringing a natural calm and zen into an office space: how do you start? "Above all, don't make it too busy," advises Karina. "Pick a few main colors and work with different shades. UNILIN Panels, for example, has a wide range of wood designs - perfect for desks and wall coverings or to finish off the office kitchenette. Combining that with different greens is an ideal starting point."

Want to implement the NATURAL WAY OF WORKING in your own projects?
Draw some inspiration from our UNILIN Evola collection!

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