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UNILIN MOODS: step outside the lines with COLOURFUL CREATIVITY


Waiting for inspiration to strike for in order to perfectly tailor a space to your client’s needs? That’s where our MOODS come in! These are broad, yet specific playing fields developed by and for interior designers to get those creative juices flowing. Kicking things off, it’s COLOURFUL CREATIVITY, the brainchild of Studio Woot Woot.

  • Main colours: bright! Yellow, orange, red, purple…
  • Target audience: young creatives, start-ups, agencies – but also retail and even healthcare.
  • Keywords: colour blocking, colour psychology

Stimulating creativity through colour

“Colour has a profound impact on the atmosphere of a space”, Karina explains. “Bright, bold colours like yellow, orange and purple are known to stimulate creative thinking. Meanwhile, strong, popping colours like red power charge brainstorms and lead to out-of-the-box thinking. Blue, in contrast, soothes and calms – ideal for a breakfast nook, for example.”

No wonder COLOURFUL CREATIVITY is a MOOD geared towards creative workforces and agencies. “Inserting colour into a workspace introduces new stimuli, which lead to exciting new ideas and input. My advice? Don’t be afraid to use colour! It can directly benefit business – and of course, it also makes for a more fun environment.”

Only 3 guidelines – the rest is up to you!

The key to getting creative with colour? “Make sure to include the corporate identity in your approach”, Karina suggests. “You don’t have to use those exact colours, but be mindful of choosing tones that work with your logo. Additionally, select colours that give off the right vibes and consider the psychological effects – how some colours give energy, while some promote calmness – and you’re on to a winner!”.

Colour has a profound impact on the atmosphere of a space.

- Karina Soors, stylist and interior designer at Studio Woot Woot

“Mind you, colourful creativity can be as bold as you want it to be”, Karina stresses. “You can go big and douse the entire space in blocks of colour, or you can choose to work with certain colourful accents, like single walls or specific items of furniture.”

A universal MOOD

“Anyone can benefit from COLOURFUL CREATIVITY”, asserts Karina. “It’s popular with creatives and in co-working spaces, but it’s definitely an option for retail and even the healthcare sector as well.”

“And if you want to unleash your own colourful creativity, there’s no better partner than UNILIN Panels. A passionate team that isn’t afraid to colour outside the lines and an almost infinite choice of colours, decors and materials: there’s nothing holding you back!”

Feeling colourfully creative?
Hand over the reins to your inner artist and draw some inspiration from our UNILIN Evola collection!

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