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Happy Go Earthy! A world of warmth with earthy tones.


Wabi sabi goes from trend to established style, the outdoor lounge is traded in for a romantic bench in woven rattan, and we envelop our lights with wicker covers. Nature’s back. Not only in the materials, but the colours as well. Gritty nuances and other earthy tones set the tone in the interior world and far beyond. From the pale linen on the catwalk to the beige bubble that Axel Vervoordt and Vincent Van Duysen designed for Kim and Kanye – Happy Go Earth is making a modest statement.

A dollop of tranquillity

Strictly speaking, earthy tones are only those colours that include brown – pigments originating from the earth itself, including ochre, amber and Sienna earth. But, with a little poetic licence, we can now add other natural colours including olive and sage green and various shades of blue. The rules are not clearly defined, and provided that the result is inspired by nature and induces mental calm, it counts.

Happy go earthy 

After all, that’s the idea behind the earthy revival – in a world full of noise, where the daily reality often overwhelms fantasy and the blue light from our screens confuses day and night, we’re grasping more and more for the comforting and serene feeling of earthy tones. Since these colours are connected to the earth itself, they give us a sense of peace, connection and grounding. It’s no coincidence then that the very first Earth Day was announced following the end of the Vietnam War on 22 April 1970.

Serenity with character

In an interior, this trend is easily translated into diverse aesthetics – traditional combinations with dark-brown elements for a rustic interior or paired with pure white and organic shapes for a minimalist, modern look. Whatever style your choose, the stamp and qualities of near-neutrals make earthy tones as versatile as plain white and black – a good alternative base colour for surprisingly relaxed spaces.

It’s this serenity that makes earthy tones and natural colours ideal for rooms that seek a certain level of calm, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms and lounges. The Park Inn by Radison in Antwerp designed its entire lobby, bar and breakfast room in earthy wood structures, matte black and luxury cognac – an island of calm to embrace guests the moment they walk through the door.

Parkinn Hotel Belgium earty tones

Anyone looking to underline this authenticity in an interior design can start by adding furniture and accessories made from natural materials and let them blend with monochrome walls to form a complete “tone on tone” look. Maintain the light with UNILIN Evola’s Dune beige and Granulo or opt for a more intense look with Indian curry and sunny Amber yellow. For a contemporary twist, accents in neon colours are an interesting addition. Feel free to spice it up!

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