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  • UNILIN MOODS: Dirty your hands and clean up your interior with EARTHY TONES

UNILIN MOODS: Dirty your hands and clean up your interior with EARTHY TONES


If you are looking for the ultimate moment of inspiration to help you decorate your client’s interior according to their exact wishes, the MOODS range is the perfect solution. Its generous yet specific canvases have been designed to let you fulfil your creative ideas. For and by interior designers. Today, we will dirty our hands with EARTHY TONES, developed by Soo Heyvaert and Ellen Nijssen of King George.

  • Dominant colours: Brown and beige
  • Keywords: tactile, purified

Inspired by Vincent Van Duysen

The goal is to go back to basics. That is why you will rarely find a splash of colour in this interior style. Any elements of colour will be small, such as in a painting or a sculpture. Sandy shades and beige tones are the dominant colours. In recent years, this trend has become a little more exotic, with Mediterranean vibes and terracotta thrown in for good measure.  

© Karolina Grabowska

Back to the core

EARTHY TONES is inspired by the tactile and sensual nature of all earthly things. “This is reflected in all its aspects: in the materials used, the shapes, and the colours,” says Ellen. “The space will have understated furnishings, creating room for more oversized items– chunky, curvy chairs to sink into, for example, or a sturdy wooden or stone desk – that can be displayed in the best possible way.”

Use genuine, natural, and tactile materials such as knotty woods, concrete, etc.

- Ellen Nijssen, interior designer at King George

Pure and tactile

“Use coarse, pure materials that can be felt when you run your hand over them, such as crepe and loam on the walls, exposed concrete, aged woods with knots and eyes, soft linens, etc.” advises Soo. “EARTHY TONES takes you back to basics, with a constant focus on purity and tactility.”

© Jen P.

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