Showroom with cabinets entirely made of grey decorative MDF from Unilin Panels

A sleek showroom made of decorative MDF puts flooring specialist WAW on the map in Paris

For the Paris showroom of WAW, a specialist in vinyl and parquet flooring, Belgian architect and designer Bjorn Verlinde truly gave free rein to his creativity. He transformed 300 square metres of office space into an inspiring headquarters.

Using mood boards, colour schemes and an elegant corporate identity by Stockholm Design Lab, he designed 8 offices, 2 meeting rooms and a showroom. In the showroom, which Bjorn himself constructed with a Belgian team, WAW's customers can consult hundreds of flooring samples.

Bjorn worked with Unilin Panels, more specifically with the light grey (Meteor Grey) in core-coloured decorative MDF of our decorative MDF range. 78 panels were delivered almost immediately. This allowed him to construct the entire room at a record speed, from the walls to the ceilings. In this coronavirus period, product availability and delivery reliability were important elements when it came to completing the project on time.

Bjorn and the owner chose a Belgian product that is not only original and high-quality, but also affordable and versatile. Cabinets, walls and doors were made entirely of Fibralux, with extra attention for storage drawers and cabinets. Some cabinets are up to 11 metres long, with hundreds of drawers, to hold all the samples in the WAW showroom.

  • Location: Paris
  • Country: France
  • Sector: Corporate & office, Retail
  • Architect: Bjorn Verlinde
  • Contractor: Contractor lighting DARK
  • Installer: Goethals Guido Interieur Tielt
  • Products: Decorative-Fibralux MR Grey
  • Design: Meteor Grey
  • Photographer: Miguel De Groote

“The colour of the decorative MDF panels was the decisive factor,” says Bjorn. “The Meteor Grey shade in a super matt finish was exactly what I was looking for to give the office a hyper-sleek, stylish look. This was combined with wood, for a warm setting.”

Bjorn is delighted with how smoothly the project ran. “I had only just come across the product in a newsletter, and very quickly received a professional explanation from Unilin. The fact that the product did not need to be painted or varnished was important to me, as this allowed us to start building faster. We made the entire showroom in Belgium and then transported it to Paris for the installation.”

For showrooms such as these, where people spend a lot of time handling samples, the scratch resistance of the decorative MDF range is an extra asset. From Super Matt to Silk Gloss: check out our range of core-coloured MDF panels.

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