Vintage vibes in the offices of Synappse

Tech firm opts for vintage vibes with modern materials

Time to head back to the 1960s, where the style of Mad Men reigns? It is not what you might expect when setting foot inside a software company – at least not at first – yet the new office of Synappse offers a subtle nod to the iconic retro style of days gone by. That is, with a modern twist: the interior consists of sleek furnishings made of innovative HPL and melamine-faced chipboards. In other words? Material that stands the test of time.

The (movable) walls, kitchen cabinets and doors are swathed in Valley Ash sunlit brown, a rich, dark wood design that creates an inviting atmosphere straight away. The soft green hues – namely Industrial green and Green shadow – keep everything fresh and ensure that even the built-in cabinets perfectly match the colour palette.

  • Location: Mouilleron-le-Captif
  • Country: France
  • Sector: Corporate & office
  • Architect: Decodheure
  • Photographer: Caroline Morin
  • Design: Green shadow, Industrial green, Valley Ash sunlit brown

Interior architect Decodheure wanted to go against prevailing trends with the design: “We wanted to create an environment that offered a seamless blend of nature, tranquility and adventure”, explains Pierre-Edouard Milochau, CEO Decodheure. The combination of green hues and natural-looking wood structures is very much in keeping with this goal.