Stairs in stylish black Master Oak: a real eye-catcher.

Moderna impresses with Master Oak in new offices

A new office set-up that's as comforting as a kitten or puppy? A breeze for Master Oak and AAVO Architects. For Moderna - a manufacturer of plastic pet products - Master Oak’s natural wood look creates a gentle atmosphere in their new headquarters. From walls to cabinets and even the imposing staircase in the entrance hall, the look is warm and luxurious. While Master Oak Brown mainly decorates the office interior and dining area, the stately staircase in the entrance hall was created from black Master Oak. A durable and hard-wearing choice that perfectly matches the industrial materials in the hallway.

Together with the client, the choice of Master Oak for architect Lieze Vergauwe was made quickly. "An office environemt begs for materials that will withstand the tes of time", explains Lieze, "Master Oak is not only very close to the beauty of real oak, it is also more resistant, for example to scratches and stains".

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  • Location: Izegem
  • Country: Belgium
  • Sector: Corporate & office
  • Architect: AAVO Architects
  • Installer: Hovoet Gebroeders
  • Products: UNILIN Evola-HPL UNILIN Evola-Belspan
  • Design: Elegant black, Master Oak brown, Ink blue
  • Photographer: Thomas Callens

A welcome and significant bonus in the application of Master Oak at Moderna is the durability of the wood material. Did you know that melamine faced Master Oak panels are made from 95% recycled wood? Master Oak fits in perfectly with Moderna’s ecological values and efforts. And without sacrificing the authentic and warm look & feel of veneer.

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