When you choose Fibrabel MDF, you get:

  • the highest quality boards: a lightweight MDF board with a superior surface: it's perfect for painting.
  • A broad range that meets your project's every need:
    - standard MDF, moisture-resistant (MR), fire-retardant (FR), ready-to-paint (Prime) or with a black-coloured core
    - a broad range of thicknesses and dimensions
  • Sustainability: Fibrabel MDF is a Belgian product made of 100% recovered wood of local origin.

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High Peak densities at the panels' surface

The unique properties of Fibrabel MDF 

The secret behind Fibrabel MDF? Its unique density profile! Fibrabel MDF is a lightweight board with an extremely high density on the surface, making it the ideal board for painting.

Why exactly? By firmly compressing the fibres at the surfaces, a highly compacted, smooth surface that limits the absorption of lacquer and paint is created. As a result, the quality of the surface of a Fibrabel MDF board is at least as good as the quality of a higher-density board. The result: cost savings and less time spent painting.

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Interior designer Lorenz Van Essche from Atelier Dufrêne stands by the quality of Fibrabel MDF. Why? Find out in this video!


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  • I am looking for a board that I can mill through to the core. Can I do that with Fibrabel MDF?

    Certainly! Whether you want to add contoured handles to cabinet doors or create grooves, Fibrabel makes milling simple. If you are looking for a board that you can mill through to the core with ease, look no further than Fibralux.

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  • All MDF producers claim that they are sustainable. How does Unilin Panels stand out from the crowd?

    Unilin Panels is the leading name in the sector when it comes to circularity. In 2021, for example, we were the first producer in the world to recycle MDF on an industrial scale. The revolutionary technology that we use enables us to reuse wood fibres to produce high-quality boards – doubling their service life. This enables us to save around 380,000 extra tons of CO2 each year!

Premium MDF | Even better in your hands
  • How can I compare the sustainability of Fibrabel MDF with that of other products?

    We established several environmental product declarations (EPDs) to analyse the sustainability of our products. These documents are independently verified and state the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. This includes the CO2 output, water consumption and energy consumption associated with its production. We also have an EPD for our MDF boards, allowing for an objective comparison to be made.

  • I work on a project basis, so I often need small quantities of boards. Is this an option?

    Of course. Your distributor can order virtually any Fibrabel and Fibralux product from our stock list in widths of 1220 and 1310 mm per board. This is a good way to minimise waste.

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