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What is your perfect match?


By opting for a well-considered edging tape, you can give your edges a leading role. They are subtle and often inconspicuous, but are an indicator of a conscious design choice and give the interior an instantaneous high-quality look. Quirky colours or a realistic look – the creative options are limitless and always perfectly matched.

Au naturel

At UNILIN Panels, we are committed to finding new ways of achieving the look and feel of real wood in as sustainable and honest a way possible. This quest translates into decorative panels available in a range of wood designs with innovative surface structures, but also into different finishing methods. To emulate the original look of solid wood, we offer edging tape with an endgrain print alongside our traditional edging tape. The cross-section design on the edging tape gives a more natural result overall.

Creative with colour

For a monochrome look, every UNILIN Evola decor has its perfect match in edging tape, both in colour and texture. But there are other approaches. Soo Heyvaert, interior designer at King George, looks to find beauty in the atypical use of materials. With edging tape, he likes to go a step further. A drawer finished with edging tape in a colour that differs from the front of the drawer introduces playfulness to the design to surprise guests and visitors. The contrasting edging tape can be restricted to just the edges at the front or could follow the internal finish of the drawers for a striking yet understated framework-like effect at the front.

If you’d like to see the effect of our end-grain edging up close, request a free sample with end-grain edging.

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