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Today, the textures are more important than ever. People want to feel. What’s the point of attractive decors if they feel fake? That is why we have spent the past few years focusing on developing textures. Our ultimate goal is always very clear: if you put our end product next to the real thing, we don’t want to be able to see a difference.

As well as an authentic look, the feel needs to be right too, something that has become increasingly important in recent years. We translate authentic materials into budgetfriendly, low-maintenance alternatives without losing any sensitivity to natural aesthetics. This collection aims not only to be beautiful and lifelike, but also to feel totally genuine and authentic.

Some designs have a 100% perfect match between grain texture and surface finish: all visual elements of the design such as cracks, knots, grain and other realistic imperfections perfectly match the registered embossed structure. With these synchronised surface structures, the structure follows the design drawing perfectly.

V1A – Dainty Oak

H267 V1A - Dainty Oak latte

This surface structure is based on a very elegant clean oak. Typical for this structure are the large flowers: these flowers are fully displayed on the decor which gives a refined look. We apply a special pressing technology with the result that the pores and veins come out very well, which is particularly well suited to dark colors.

The Dainty Oak, in combination with black or white, suddenly gives a basic colour a high quality design touch.

Dainty Oak is a synchronised surface structure (registered embossed).

V8A - Royal Oak

H437 V81 - Royal Oak natural

Royal Oak brings a mixture of classic and rustic moods, sporting lifelike wood flowers, mirrors and knots with a tangible embossed structure . As in the case of real wood, the
uniqueness and individual character of the wood mirrors is highlighted by their glossy finishing. Cracks and knots on the other hand are emphasized by their matte finishing.

Royal Oak is a synchronised surface structure (registered embossed).

V9A - Heritage Oak

H450 V9A - Heritage Oak light patina

Heritage Oak, with its distinctive design and weathered look, contrasts well with the austerity of modern architecture. Its authentic appearance also has full play in timeless classic interiors. Lifelike cracks, deep structures and small imperfections give Heritage Oak the telltale characteristics and typical aspects of reclaimed oak.

Heritage Oak is a synchronised surface structure (registered embossed).

Z5L - Minnesota Oak

H440 Z5L - Minnesota Oak warm natural

The rustic look of Minnesota Oak with its lush flower drawings and small knots is truly breathtaking. Matte and shiny parts stand for a very lively and realistic appearance. Its warm colours and natural shades are timeless, never losing their appeal.

Minnesota Oak is a synchronised surface structure (registered embossed).

W06 – Veneer wood

H251 W06 - Lorenzo Walnut medium brown

The Veneer wood structure is inspired by fine Italian lacquer treated wood. Through the application of innovative pressing techniques in combination with a modified impregnation resin, the new Veneer structure (W06) ensures very little light reflection. This means maximum colour retention. You also get a beautiful play of light with surface and wood pores. The wood pores stand out as it were and you get a nice veneer effect. This is especially noticeable with deep black in combination with the structure. Black remains black.

W05 – Brushed wood

H789 W05 - Desert brushed Oak black brown

The Brushed wood structure is inspired by a heavily brushed oak. By applying a low pressure pressing technique, we can crush this deep, very rough & sharply delineated structure. This structure gives the wood decors a very realistic look & feel.

Deep structures are often seen, but they are always rounded. The Brushed wood structure is sharply defined, so unique on the market.

W04 – Deepwood

Deepwood really is unique in its own category. Through the pronounced, deep structure – the deepest on the market for melamine faced board – we have produced a wonderfully natural appearance, with genuine-looking woodgrain. We have also developed a special structure for the edge-banding, which means that every detail is exactly right. You can see it and feel it straight away.

The Deepwood structure on solid colors gives a nice effect. The tangible and visible wood structure gives the solid colours a unique look.

U147 W04 - Seashell

Tip: The Deepwood structure (W04) should preferably be chamfered on a modern trimming machine suitable for ABS 1 mm edge-banding, with the depth of the structure enabling you to make fine adjustments.

W03 - Linewood

H399 W03 - Canice Oak

Linewood is a straight and tactile wood structure.

M02 – Lime

F258 M02 - Lime Blush

This structure is a textbook example of our way of working in the development of decors: the UNILIN design team is experimenting with manually starting something tangible and palpable, fine-tuning it to create a unique décor. This Lime structure (or paint with clay particles) is a combination of paints with spatula and brush, experimenting with different movements, and digitally updating to land on a perfect design.

This structure has a wide application: on concrete color, the appearance is rough. On pink it is soft. On terracotta this structure gets the feeling of brushed steel.

M01 – Metallic

760 M01 - Brushed Alu

Everything about the Metallics designs exudes our love for real craftsmanship. The brushed structure on the surface makes you think that it has been applied by a true craftsman with a great eye for detail. Combined with the soft pearlescent effect, this special structure creates a surprisingly contemporary note that fits every possible interior style.

MST – Supermat

UD81 MST - Quartz

This super-matt structure significantly reduces the amount of cleaning work, as it prevents fingerprints on the surface. Yes, this structure is fingerprint proof!

BST – Topmat

H561 BST - Italian Walnut

Topmat is a matt surface structure. We use it on both wood designs and solid colours. Topmat is slightly more scratch-resistant than the Soft Pearl structure.

CST – Soft Pearl

U147 CST - Seashell

Soft Pearl is a subtle light grain structure

The match for any interior design project

With the UNILIN Evola collection we offer an answer to the demand of interior architects and interior designers for high quality, durable and affordable products. All UNILIN Evola designs are available in melamine faced board, HPL and matching edging tape. In this way, the collection can be used in a wide range of applications.

Do you want to feel and see our structures for yourself? Request your free samples.

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