New office Unilin Panels

Coming home to the new offices of Unilin Panels


February 29, 2024 marked a long-awaited moment! Together with about 130 colleagues from Unilin Panels, we packed our things and headed for the brand new office building in Wielsbeke. A place where we immediately felt at home, because the familiar Unilin materials are everywhere in the building. And the icing on the cake? The offices are a tribute to sustainability and innovation, which is ingrained in our DNA.

Welcome in our new offices

Unilin at its finest

When you step into the building, you immediately see and feel the Unilin jacket. You can't look past Master Oak: its unique design with the warm look of real wood is the common thread throughout the interior. And the eye-catchers? The staircase in the atrium - completely enveloped in the iconic Unilin blue - and the art piece "The Fingerprint," which consists 100% of Unilin Panels materials and depicts the company's history in milestones.

The fingerprint

Fun fact: as colleagues at Unilin Panels, we put together our own mood board and thus had a say in the final look of the building. Although that's more than just a detail, because the employees were central throughout the entire design process. Above all, the offices should serve as a place that fosters creativity and teamwork. By embracing biophilic design concepts, including natural light and plants all over the building, the workspace is transformed into a serene and enjoyable place to work.

The interior is based on a mood board that our colleagues put together entirely by themselves.

- Veronique Hoflack, President Unilin Panels


Innovative offices

Focus on sustainability and innovation

The fact that our sustainability strategy One Home is not just a theoretical concept is clear. Although the office is brand new, the materials used have already had quite a life. And that's no surprise, since circularity has been one of our company's core values since its founding in the 1960s. For example, our panels consist exclusively of reclaimed wood, with the wood in our particleboard even being 95% recycled. And did you know that both our particleboard and MDF achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified Material Health Bronze v4.0? We also developed Environmental Product Declarations for our boards, which map the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. And the energy? It's green! The building is entirely supplied with renewable energy from solar panels and from our own biomass power plant A&U, which generates electricity from wood waste.

Sustainable offices

Did you know that the sustainable nature of the building extends beyond its walls? For example, soil from the excavations was cleverly reused to create landscape mounds. The carefully elected trees, plants and flower meadows are not only beautiful to look at, but also boost biodiversity. Just think of birds, butterflies and other insects that will take up residence there next summer.

The landscape garden perfectly complements the sustainable building style and will significantly increase biodiversity

- Erik De Waele, landscape architect

Rainwater is also put to the best use. It is collected in cisterns, where we filter and reuse it for toilets and service taps. And what about the excess water? We drain that into a bioswale, where it is infiltrated to the maximum extent. Within 10 years, we expect to double our ability to collect rainwater!

Sustainable offices

Indeed, the entire site kicks off a new, groundbreaking chapter in the story of Unilin Panels!

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